The Woodlawn Yearbook did not list the wrestling team's schedule for that year, and although I've tried to find a copy of the match schedule through other sources (including Woodlawn itself), so far no one I've spoken to has known where a copy might be found. Short of finding a copy of the team's schedule, it is impossible to prove what else the Woodlawn wrestling team might have been doing on January 13, 1999, but a match at Randallstown is not one of the options. Randallstown played a different team that day.

So could Woodlawn have played Chesapeake on January 13th? It is at least possible that Woodlawn's wrestling team had matches on both January 12th and January 13th. However, even if Woodlawn did have a match on the 13th (whether against Chesapeake or some previously unmentioned team), that would do nothing to explain the central discrepancy between Inez's testimony that Hae was supposed to be at the wrestling match, and Hae's work records, which show that she was scheduled to work from 6pm to 10pm. Chesapeake is on the opposite side of Baltimore County (Inez testified it was a 45 minute drive away), so there is no possibility that Hae planned to attend both the wrestling match and go to work at LensCrafters that night. Even if Chesapeake and Woodlawn did have some unrecorded, unreported match on January 13th, Hae would not necessarily have needed to be there, though -- Hae's friend Aisha testified that Hae only went to about half the matches in her role as manager.

Which means Inez got it right in her very first police statement: Hae was not planning to go to a wrestling match that evening.

For more information about the Woodlawn wrestling team's schedule, the Don Note, and Hae's interview, you can read Susan's article at the View From LL2.